Healthy Smoothie Recipes

The whole world is shifting towards a healthier lifestyle. Our hectic pace of life combined with an imbalanced diet can take a heavy toll on our bodies. Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet plays a very important part in increasing our longevity and living a disease-free life. A refreshing and delicious smoothie can be a regular feature in your diet. These luscious and nutritious recipes give you a healthy breakfast option or an anytime healthy snack for all.

Including healthy smoothie recipes in your everyday life means improving the quality of your food, as consuming fruit regularly will increase the photochemical level in your diet. Smoothies can be a good meal replacement for your regular food. Moreover, it is a great way to add fiber and other nutritious supplements into your drink as healthy ingredients like flaxseed oil and spirulina wheat germ can easily be added to your smoothie.

Drinking a commercial smoothie can sometimes give you some undesirable preservatives, protein powders, refined sugars, or some other fattening additives. Preparing them at home with couple of substitutes can definitely lower the fat content. Try using skimmed or soy milk in place of full cream milk, and mix frozen yogurt in place of ice cream.

To make that perfect healthy smoothie, follow certain tips given by experts in the field. Freeze your fruits before you blend them in your drink. This will give you a cooler and thicker shake. For best results, chop large fruits like watermelon and banana before you put them in freezer. To avoid having a big lump of fruit in your freezer, spread it on a plate or aluminum foil before freezing. Once your fruit pieces are frozen, you can easily store them in a clean container and use them to prepare delicious and healthy smoothies.

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