Today’s Current Unemployment Rate – Don’t Let the News Paralyze Your Job Seeking Efforts

The current unemployment rate is staggering and the headlines are paralyzing. Americans are losing jobs at rates not seen for over 26 years. People are continuing to lose jobs and others cannot find them. With so much bad employment news on the horizon, this is not the time to sit back and let unfortunate things happen to your family. It is time to take household action. Now!

Here are some actions steps to get you moving toward some level of financial peace amidst the current unemployment rate.

1) If you are employed now, do the best you can to stay that way. Take on extra projects or get the job done faster. In other words, stand out against all other employees as a go-getter and valuable asset to a company who may have to lay off staff.

2) Update your resume weekly and keep some on hand. Whenever you come into contact with someone, you will be ready.

3) Have some business cards made up with your name and telephone number. If you go to sites like, they generally have free business card specials; you just have to pay for shipping. More details please

4) If there are rumors of a layoff, take the grapevine seriously. Start looking for other employment. Don’t wait for the shoe to drop. If your company’s financials are heading south, be proactive in finding employment in a financially healthier company.

5) Consider taking a class or get certification in employment areas where the layoffs are not as bad.

6) Have a household family meeting and discuss what each family member can do to help save or alleviate the household financial situation. Maid service may have to stop and the kids will have to pick up the extra chores. Music lessons may need to stop for a while. The family may have to reduce the number of cell phones or the premium cable channels will have to be shut off. Even the family dog will have to eat less fancy food. Whatever the case, when everyone in the family is sacrificing something, the family will come closer together to help solve potential problems.

7) Decide what approach you want to take your career. Make a list of your skills and how they transfer to other industries.

8) Consider starting a small online business as an adjunct to your current employment. By learning the skills necessary to market yourself and your business, you will be way ahead of the game when it comes to finding employment and starting a small venture.

9) Limit your intake of the media news. Everyone understands the current unemployment rate. Listening to devastating statistics every single day will only use up all the optimism you have.

10) Decide that you are going to take control of whatever economic situation you and your family is in. Being responsible now means economic peace in the future.

11) Lastly, network, network, network. Go to online forums, Twitter, LinkedIn and engage other people in or out of your industry. Get to know who they are. If you can, help others by alerting them to job opportunities. Helping others will help you two-fold.

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