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Social networking is all the rage for businesses and individuals alike. One of the newest platforms for communications is called Twitter. The first thing people want to know is what Twitter is. Twitter is unique as it combines social networking, texting, blogging and emailing all into one. The messages are all 140 characters or less and are called tweets. Users can follow people, businesses, industrial trends, current news, political interests and blogs just to name a few. In return, you can be followed as well. The messages can be private or public and the direct message (DM) feature allows for private conversations with people or businesses that have opted to be in your contact list.

One of the greatest uses for Twitter is the ability to drive traffic to websites and blogs. Once people know what Twitter is they can start creating ideas for marketing tools specific to their businesses. This network gets out news stories, political debates, entertainment happenings and the full gamut of information that was once only found in a newspaper publication or on the radio. Many love this platform for creating a new buzz about a product or service and as a great way to attract and keep loyal customers. The loudest voices on Twitter are referred to as “Influencers”. They are usually media and politically driven. More details please

The process of following and being followed is the core of what Twitter is about. For an individual or business to get started they begin with the sign-up process at The account is free. You’ll need to select a user-name, password and have a valid email address. Once registered and active you can upload a personal picture or company logo and create your profile. The profile page is where you’ll list information about yourself or your business that you want to share with others. There are quite a few links and helpful hints that make the process relatively simple.

Most people start their Twitter experience by choosing to follow specific people or interest groups they have something in common with. If you find you are not particularly thrilled with the entity you chose to follow you can click the un-follow just as easily as you did to start with. Once you have a feel for what Twitter is and how it works you’ll be ready to make the most of it by inviting others to follow you into your world of interests or perhaps your business. The best way to do this initially is with the email function. Once you are established your invitations will be branched out through other areas and external applications. Before too long your list will grow and you’ll be Twittering and tweeting like a pro.

Eric Rockefeller

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