Personalized Silicone Bracelets – Spreading the News

Personalized silicone bracelets became so popular because these are very easy and cheap to manufacture, fun and attractive to wear and effectively sends messages to millions without much effort. If you’re planning to support a cause, spread some sentiments or simply flaunt your unique style, then these are the perfect accessories for you.

Rising in Popularity

Personalized silicone bracelets are also known as gel bracelets which perhaps were popularized by world class athlete Lance Armstrong in 2004. The famous cyclist had the wristbands made in support of the Lance Armstrong Foundation which specifically is concerned with cancer causes. After its first appearance, silicone bracelets began spreading like wildfire featuring a variety of designs, slogans, mottos, logos and messages. Various institutions and events relied on these pieces as a means of spreading news and concern because of their quality appearance and cost-effectiveness. More details please visit:-

Your silicone bracelets can have text, logos and messages personalized in various methods. Debossing is a process in which the text and design are imprinted and recessed in the silicone material. Embossing is the opposite in which the text and design are raised on the silicone material. Screen printing is simply applying the text and design onto the surface. Laser engraving involves a machine that places the text and design. Color spraying is the combination of two or more colors wherein the bottom layer of the bracelet is standard silicone while the topmost layer is a thinner silicone material providing a nice contrast to the initial tone. Figuring is customizing designs and patterns according to your preferences. All of these are applied on 100% silicone.

Personalizing Tips

You have the freedom to choose the personalizing method in all wristbands that you order. As far as text is concerned, you can choose the font, text color, thickness and size of each character. Choosing unique characters like Chinese or Braille is also a form of figuring. If you plan to design your own personal logo or picture, submit a clear copy featuring the exact colors and size that you want. Also indicate which part of the personalized silicone bracelets you want to place the text, designs and other patterns.

You have the option of personalizing each bracelet you order even if you’re buying in bulk. If you prefer swirling colors and a combination of two or more, the manufacturer should provide you with their color palette. Some sources will be able to give you over a thousand different shades as well as several fonts and custom-made designs. There might be a maximum number of characters you can place on each bracelet depending on the space available. It is important that you indicate the sizes you need too. Manufacturers usually have 2 to 3 different sizes for kids and adults.

Buying the Bracelets

Personalized silicone bracelets are usually bought in bulk although you’re free to order a single one at designated companies. Looking for companies with no mold charge and offering low minimum order quantity will help you save more. Price for each band is usually $1.50 to $4.50 but buying in bulk can significantly decrease overall cost. If you intend to add more characters or details, you have to pay additional charges. Using two or more colors do not usually affect th

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