NFL Preseason 2011 News – Free Agents and Trades!

Football fans of the world are so happy that the treacherous NFL lockout is now over and free agency trading has now started for the NFL. One of the most watched sports of the world football just went through one of the biggest lockouts in the history of all sports. Thank the Lord that this lockout is now over and that the NFL owners and the NFL players Association (NFLPA) have come to a simple conclusion that makes everybody happy. With the lockout ended all of the fans, players, coaches, and owners are all excited for the new season.

With the lockout over there have been many deals done in the past week two. This including the free-agent market and trading deals. Some of these deals have been big-time deals and some are just smaller deals that no one really cares about. So the sport report really focuses on the big deals made. More details please visit:-

First off the New England Patriots made some very big deals this off-season so far. The first big deal that the patriots made was acquiring Albert Haynesworth from the Washington Redskins in a big trading deal with them. The second big deal the patriots made was acquiring Chad Ochocinco from the Cincinnati Bengals in this was also a trading deal. The patriots are hoping that these two players will provide a spark for their offense this upcoming season. With the loss of Randy Moss retiring they need a spark on offense to fill the hole of missing a stud receiver. The New England Patriots are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl.

Another favorite to win the Super Bowl the Philadelphia Eagles also made some very big deals this off-season. The Eagles made many shrewd deals this off-season so far they have traded many players and got many players in many professionals think that these deals have helped the team improve by a long shot. Some key players the Eagles have contracted running back Ronnie Brown, safety Jarrad Page and right tackle Ryan Harris. These players are supposedly going to make a huge difference in the upcoming season for the Philadelphia Eagles football team.

Not many other deals have been going on in the NFL recently although the lockout has just ended a few days ago and I am sure that other teams will meet deals.

These deals have made these two powerhouses in the NFL even better teams but I and excited to see what will happen next where other teams make big deals may be even bigger deals that these two teams and have made already.

I am looking forward to a good long season of NFL football and I hope you are too. I’m convinced that this is going to be one of the best football years in a while.

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