We Have a Representative in Heaven – Good News

Here is another tiding, information or revelation of the Bible to us which should cause or give us some joy, encouragement, strength, confidence, assurance and hope to face life and any challenging situation we might find ourselves in, and that is, that we have a Representative in or before the throne of God in heaven. It is common to observe that those who have people or relatives at the corridor of power would always have some measure of confidence, boldness and hope and this tendency always affect or manifest in their lives, dealings with others and reaction to some issues that tend to threaten or bother them. When a decree was passed to exterminate all the Jews throughout the Medo-persian kingdom, Mordecai remembered that they (the Jews) had a Representative at the corridor of the power of that kingdom and took courage, solace and hope for deliverance from same. He took advantage of that and it worked out deliverance for him and his people (Esther 4-8).

The Bible, God’s revelation of His will and truths, informs or reveals that we (children of God, Christians) have a representative, a great High Priest in heaven, at the very present and throne of the God and judge of heaven and earth. He is there for us, as High Priest, Advocate and Intercessor. As our High Priest, He takes our prayers, worships, praises, services and other gifts and sacrifices, sanctifies them with His blood, righteousness and merit and offers or makes them acceptable to the Father on the throne.

As our Advocate and Intercessor, He takes our requests for pardon for our sins or transgressions and for helps or favours to the Father in heaven on the throne, arguing for us and convincing Him on why our requests must be granted. His arguments before the Father for us are based on His knowledge of us and His experience on earth as “a man”. He is our merciful, faithful and able Representative, High Priest, Advocate and Intercessor in heaven before the very God, Father and judge of all. The apostle said, because of that, we should always go boldly unto the throne of grace (throne/presence of God) and hope to obtain mercy, grace and help from God “in time of need” (Hebrews 4:15-16).

Seeing that we have a Representative in heaven, at the very throne or corridor of the power of powers, we should live and face every threat or challenge from what or whoever with confidence, boldness and hope of success and victory. We should not live with or carry about hearts that are filled with fear, guilt or condemnation of sins, especially if we have repented of and confessed them. Let this tiding, that we have a Representative in Heaven keep us, and cause some joy, confidence, encouragement and hope in our hearts as we get along in life and in this world that is full of frightening and discouraging circumstances.

Whether we have any Representative at the corridors of powers on this earth or not, let’s be reassured and emboldened with this knowledge that we have a Representative in Heaven that rules the earth.

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