Penis Length Extender News – How To Use One Properly For Maximum Enhancement

If you’ve heard of a penis length extender you’re probably wondering how they work. Keep reading to discover how they work, which ones to avoid and what to expect to pay.

In years gone by the only penis length extender option was hanging weights.

Not exactly comfortable, nor recommended.

Another commonly used method was vacuum pumps. Vacuum air pumps are not recommended.

In fact, they do very little as far as enhancement results go.

While they can temporarily increase your size before sex they can also permanently damage the tissue if you don’t use them correctly.

So as far as devices go stretchers or extenders are your BEST option.

How Long Do You Wear Them For?

You must wear them for around six to eight hours daily. In 3 months you could expect an inch or so gain. For maximum enhancement it’s recommended that you wear them for six to twelve months.

What Should You Look For In A Model?

They should have a padded base and a comfort strap. Avoid models that only have a silicone strap. They can actually cut into your penis and disrupt your blood supply.

Since you have to wear the device so long comfort is number 1 as far as importance.

Also look for telescoping rods that lock into place. This allows you to use the one device and adjust it as you increase in length and width.

What Should You Expect To Pay?

A quality model will cost $300.

Is There A Way To Get More Out Of Your Enhancement

Yes, results have shown that by adding penis supplements to your extender purchase that you will get maximum enhancement results – your body will be working from the inside out to increase your penis width and length.

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