Forex Directories: Knowledge Is Power

Forex directories are very important to a Forex trader. They contain many resources for traders, every one of them crucial in guiding traders to determine the viability of a trade. From daily commentaries by experts about the day’s market movements to news releases, any Forex trader will be thankful for the information disseminated by these Forex directories. So, how do these directories actually help a Forex trader in his or her cause?

Economic news release timings

For a news trader, the exact timing of the news releases is very important. When an important piece of news, such as the non-farm payroll of the United States, is released, the market will shift according to the deviation of the data released relative to the predicted data. As such, news traders take the opportunity to “ride the waves”, securing pips from the large market movement.

These resources help in this case by providing information on these news releases. They will have a timetable on important news releases, and even rank the news based on the predicted impact it will have on the market. This allows news traders to know when to monitor the market, so as to enter a trade at the opportune moment. More details please


Forex directories provide expert opinions and discussions on the day’s predicted market movement for each currency pair. These commentaries are based on the experts’ view of the market sentiment and the day’s news releases. Although they don’t always get it right, it is worth it to note their analysis, and be prepared for market movements predicted by them.

Global news

To a fundamental trader, news is the most important factor in determining the trend of the Forex market – they will need to know the major events that are happening across the globe to make an informed decision when entering a trade. Forex directories help them by consolidating important news that might have an impact on the Forex market. For example, wars in the Middle East will be picked up by these Forex directories quickly, and traders may infer an increase in crude oil prices. Such information garnered from Forex directories will aid the trader in the execution of his or her trade.

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