How to Give Your Insurance Career a Helping Hand

If your insurance career has stalled, you may be looking for a way to get it on track. Here are 10 steps that could help you.

1. A good starting point is to get out and network with fellow professionals. Attending conferences, seminars, award ceremonies and other industry events could be a great opportunity to be part of the scene.

2. However, it’s better to have 10 quality contacts that 20 useless ones, so work hard to identify influential figures to become acquainted with.

3. You also want to build a profile for yourself in the insurance industry. Be prepared to comment on industry issues in insurance news publications and make sure you become known in the sector for all the right reasons.

4. Obviously, there’s no substitute for hard work and it will inevitably be the employees that are willing to graft that see the most rewards in their career.

5. One way to progress your career is by moving jobs. However, it’s the timing of your move that will be crucial. Sideways moves may be good if you’re moving to a company with better prospects, but if you can wait until you can apply for the next run on the insurance ladder, it will offer the greatest benefits.

6. It’s a good idea to get your head inside the most important insurance news magazines and get to know who the big companies are in the sector. These may be the companies you should aspire to work at in the future.

7. Setting short and long-term objectives for yourself, both in your current job and your career, you should have the focus to achieve your end goals.

8. One of the best ways to reach the top is to know the sector inside out. That means knowing all the latest insurance news and underwriting news, which you’ll find in specialist trade publications.

9. You’ll also need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the sector’s key trends. Reading market analysis and attending conferences is often the best way to know what’s coming up.

10. Essentially, though, you need to consume as much knowledge as you can. Business insurance intelligence could be the key to success, so read reports about the present and future for the sector.

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