Three Tips To Regularly Add Fresh And SEO Friendly Content To Your Website

The prospect of adding fresh content to the website on a regular basis can seem very scary for those who do not have a lot of experience maintaining a website. Small businesses cannot afford employing a full-time employee just to add new content to their websites. At the same time, they cannot afford to ignore the fantastic opportunities that the Internet provides. Hence, it is important to find a simple and effective strategy to add quality content to the website without spending a lot of money in the process.

News Updates

You can rely on news sites for a steady source of information related to your area of expertise. If you are not in a position to add a well-researched blog post, then you can always provide news updates to your readers. You can also provide your personal analysis about the news item that you highlight on your website. This is a much better option than starting a blog post or an article from scratch. Of course, this does not mean you can convert your web site into a news reporting service. However, it certainly is a good option if you are good with words and are not in a position to take care of the content requirements of your website in the short term.

Another advantage of relying on such news is that you can create follow-up posts that analyze the points that were covered in the news post. Once you have provided an update related to the news, you can proceed further and come up with an independent post analyzing the news article in detail. This can help you add valuable content without having to spend a lot of time researching for new ideas.

Videos And Podcasts

Another useful option is to come up with videos and podcasts if you are not in a position to provide new content. Adding a new video that covers what you want to say in the article or blog post will be a convenient option. Further, it will add variety to your website and will make you seem like a real expert.

If you are not comfortable speaking in front of the camera, you can make slides and upload slideshows to your website in the form of a video. This will work just like a PowerPoint presentation with the only difference that the slide shall be seen as a video instead of a presentation. You can provide an audio background to the slide show to make it seem more entertaining and interactive.

Internal Related Posts

It is also advisable to link your top posts and articles internally on your website. You can make use of plug-ins that link the post in question to related posts on the same website. This will help readers move from one topic to another and will go a long way in increasing the social media value of your website.

Implementing these strategies will help you experiment with different search engine optimization tactics. You will be in a position to plan your content requirements over a longer span of time without facing any hassles.

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