The Importance of Using an Experienced Mortgage Broker

The mortgage industry has changed vastly over the last few years. When the rates sunk to all time lows in 2002 and 2003, many employers hired anyone they could find. Not to mention many inexperienced and unqualified people jumped on the mortgage bandwagon thinking they would get rich. One day they are selling cars, the next day they are a self proclaimed mortgage expert!

It has never ceased to amaze me on just how easy it was for someone to go from the produce department at the local supermarket to “mortgage consultant?”

During this time I watched and listened to my so called competition talking about how they made a $5k commission off a refinance they did for a customer that truly thought they were getting a great rate and wonderful mortgage program. I could go on and on with horror stories.

By 2003 the refinance boom was wide open as rates plummeted to record lows. During this time I chose to be the same as I had always been. I took the time to get to know my customer, please visit:- his/her needs and financial goals. I counseled them from experience and helped them select the rates and program that was in their best interest.

Well, now it is 2006. The refinance boom is over. Foreclosure is at record highs. Numerous mortgage companies are now out of business. Home sales have slowed down. Guess what?

A lot of these people are now selling cars, insurance or even possibly taking your order at the drive through window! However, it is still not safe! There are a few blood thirsty savages out there looking for their next customer/victim! Be careful!

My advice is given to you with your best interest in mind. If your in the market for a mortgage, simply shop around and interview prospective mortgage companies and mortgage brokers.

There are many good ones out there, so take your time and listen carefully. Make an educated choice by conducting a thorough interview of each candidate.

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