Simply Organized – Money Saving Tips For the Holidays

With the recent economic uncertainty, we know a lot of people that are tightening their financial belts. The holidays can be a stressful time for people financially what with the decorating, the gift buying, and the entertaining. This year, enjoy the same holiday experience on a smaller budget.

Set a budget. List out all possible expenses for the season and set a budget for each category. Include decorations, wrap, correspondence, gifts, entertaining, entertainment and travel. Once you’ve set a budget, carry that with you as you fine tune your plans and shop for gifts. Sticking to your budget can help you avoid spending beyond your means, say “no” to impulse buying and breath easier come January when the bills roll in.

“Do it yourself decorations:” There are many ways that you can spruce up your home for the holidays without having to go out and buy pricey decorations. more info please visit:- simplyorganizedonline Group candles on a large plate and adorn with a couple of pine cones or holly sprigs. Recycle received cards and wrapping paper as décor in a crafty way. Tie ribbon around lamp bases to add a dash of holiday color.

Wrapping: Why waste money on expensive wrapping paper? There are many other cost effective and sentimental ways to wrap your gifts this holiday season. Use plain butcher paper or simple cellophane and decorate with a simple holiday colored bow or ribbon. Use children’s artwork to wrap gifts. Wrap a kitchen gift or baked goods in a seasonal kitchen towel as part of the gift.

Gifts: There are several ways to save money when selecting and sending gifts this year. Homemade gifts are just as valued as gifts bought from the store, if not more. Homemade gift ideas include framing items such as pictures, poems, family photos, kids’ art/creations, sayings/quotes, love note/letter, and child handprints. Another cost effective way to buy gifts is to choose one item for everyone on your list and buy it in bulk, often saving on the single retail price for the item. This can also save you time and gas since you’ll either find this item online or only have one store to go to. Gift cards are great if you have a set amount in mind and want to make sure to stick to that amount. If you’ll be buying and sending gifts online, consider using for free shipping coupons and coupon codes to over 850 well known stores.

Entertaining/ Entertainment: When having a holiday celebration, consider making the party a potluck. In this way, everyone will bring an item of food to share and will help lessen the stress and the cost for you! You could also make the party a brunch instead of a dinner, which would help you save money on alcohol, entrees, etc. Instead of serving a full dinner, you could serve hors de vors and dessert. For holiday entertainment, enjoy a matinee movie instead of paying full price for an evening show. Enjoy a meal in the bar of your favorite restaurant during Happy Hour to take advantage of reduced pricing on food and drink. As an alternative, instead of going out, enjoy a date night in with your loved ones. Find ways to “stay-cation” at home and enjoy local sites instead of traveling this year.

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