Press Release Do’s and Don’ts – Tips For Generating Publicity Money Can’t Buy

As a former reporter, I can tell you that the best story ideas and the ones easiest to “sell” to the media involve real people doing real things. Often those people are just like. So here are a few tips that will help you write and distribute your press release:



  • Write a press release like a short news story the media can run “as is” or use as a background when they call to interview you. Ask yourself why someone would be interested in your idea or business and then tell them. for more info please these websites:-
  • Use a compelling headline and lead sentence that grabs the reporter’s attention
  • Answer the basic questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how
  • Provide contact information including the name and phone number of someone who can speak to reporters
  • Include the date
  • Give the media adequate notice about an event. One day’s notice is not sufficient
  • Send the press release in the body of the email (not everyone opens attachments)
  • Ensure the story has a local angle and is relevant to the community
  • Pitch human interest stories
  • Send high-quality photos (no grip and grins or check-passing shots please)
  • Be available when a reporter calls
  • Respect a reporter’s deadline (work to their schedule, not yours)
  • Offer to provide additional information
  • Be prepared to be interviewed by phone
  • Be a good source for other stories (an accountant available to comment at tax time for instance)




  • Ask to see the article before it goes to print. Reporters are too busy to do this and are professionals. Let them do their job!
  • Call to see if the article ran. Show some respect and read the papers
  • Say anything to a reporter you’re not completely comfortable seeing in print (or hearing on TV or radio)
  • Remember, there is no such thing as “off the record”
  • Expect to receive coverage every time you send a release

Distribution Do’s: Where to Send Your Press Release Once It’s Written


Distribute your news release to media you think would be genuinely interested in the story you have to pitch. You can distribute your press release through an online service that charges a fee or target the local media including:


  • Regional, local, and daily papers (check the grocery store entrance where many new publications can be found)
  • Specialty sections of the paper including the business, entertainment, or sports section
  • Coming events and announcements sections of the paper, radio station, and local news
  • Your local cable network
  • Columnists
  • Event calendars (most papers have one)
  • Online media and online news sites
  • Television stations, radio newsrooms, and talk show hosts (if appropriate)
  • Local magazines


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