PR – It’s All About Your Staff

Like many, I ‘fell’ into a PR job. I started straight out of uni with a marketing degree and joined as a PR assistant at quite a well-known firm. This way I learned the ropes and made many helpful contacts along the way.

10 years later and with my own PR Company to my name, rosaroyse I couldn’t be happier with my job. I have a handful of close-knit, dedicated staff who work well together and party just as hard! It wasn’t easy when I decided to launch on my own. As anyone starting any sort of business venture could tell you, it’s a hard struggle to sell yourself well.

When I first started I had two people who I took with me. Once we started tottering on our feet, psykologidagene with our own office space and an extensive word-of-mouth campaign, it was time to bring in the talent. And honestly, it’s the talent, dedication, and perseverance of my staff that has kept this company running and growing in the last two years.

I’d heard of a dedicated Media Creative recruitment agency in Newcastle through a mutual friend. Within a year I’d heard enough of the company’s reputation,

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simply within PR circles, that I knew I’d have to shop for fresh talent for my new company there.

The whole process was quite simple and pain-free. I knew what I was looking for, agnesblog I put this in so many words to the recruitment agency and I got what I wanted. It was that simple!

I had two PR jobs in Newcastle to offer. I was looking for a PR Account Manager as well as a Web Developer. I only interviewed 5 people in total and filled out the two positions straight away.

After hearing so many horror stories with new staff and the difficulty faced by many in having to recruit fresh blood, I was pleasantly surprised that my first-time experience was so seamless.


I have since recruited for more creative job positions within my company, all from the same trusted agency. I have to date had a growing number of employees join me as my small company has grown to a mid-level agency, vying for a spot in the big pool. One thing is for sure, I couldn’t have done it on my own. Don’t settle for second best when it comes to recruitment. Get out there and get some help from a professional recruitment agency in your local area. It might be the making of your business.


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