The Secret Behind Crisp Clear Stamping Images

Have you ever stamped an image and been displeased with the result? There may be times when using your clear stamps that you don’t want a perfect image, but usually, quickstamp it is a crisp clear stamped image you desire. Here are a few tips for achieving crisp, clear, printer-perfect stamping images.

The Nature of Paper – Smooth paper will give you crisper, clearer lines and images. You can test this by using different textures of paper. Try clear stamping on a paper bag, textured paper, quick stamp and smooth cardstock. Compare the clear stamp image results.

Think when you Ink – Inking the clear stamp is simply a matter of daubing the clear stamp lightly on the ink pad. Do this several times to achieve a uniform layer of ink on the surface of the stamp. You do not want to get ink on the shoulder of the image or on the stamping block itself, doing so will run the risk of creating a blush of color in an undesired spot. quickstamp

Lighten the Load – Clear stamps require even pressure over the surface of the stamp. Pressing too hard with the clear stamp and block can create a hazy impression. As you stamp watch for the ink transfer through the clear stamping block. This is a good judge of how much force to apply to your stamp.

If you have over-inked your stamp, getting ink on the shoulder, quick stamp floor, or clear stamping block, you may find the extra ink showing up in undesired places. Good quality clear stamps are trimmed close to the image design to help prevent excess ink from accumulating in such places. Steady and True – After deciding where you want your clear stamping image, be sure that you bring the clear stamp straight down on the area, stamp, and then straight up. Any wavering to the side will distort your image.

Condition Admission – Each time I read stamping material that recommends conditioning your new stamps with sandpaper or even an eraser, qqstamp I get a little nervous. Sandpaper is abrasive and by its very nature is designed to remove raised edges – I can’t imagine applying it to a new clear stamp. The best conditioning advice I have seen for clear stamps simply recommends a quick wash. If you are worried about staining, you might try using light-colored ink the first time you use the stamp. This won’t guarantee against staining but will help. outdoorsfan

On the Surface – Consider your stamping surface to be one of your most important tools in creating a clear crisp image. Clear stamps do not have the spring that a wood-mounted rubber stamp has. It is very simple to create this spring. Simply stamp on a softer surface such as a small stack of paper or a magazine. My preference is to simply stamp on a sheet of craft foam. Achieving crisp clean images from clear stamps is an effortless endeavor as you consider the nature of the paper,  ink, pressure, motion, and stamping surface you use.


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