Baby Safety Gates – Is The Baby Gate You’re Using Safe?

Buying a baby is gate is one thing, but the gate’s ability to provide total safety to your child is a different thing altogether. A gate’s purpose is more than just restricting your child within a particular area. It needs to secure your child from entering a dangerous situation over and over again irrespective of the area it is placed.

You need to put a lot of emphasis on the gate’s security features if you’re going to minimize or completely reduce baby safety gate related accidents. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself to be sure the gate you’re using is secure enough. Gated

Is the gate easy to operate? The ease of operation has a lot to do with the gate’s safety. If you have a hard time operating the gate, it means that you cannot pass through it carrying your child or other things. The ideal gate should be easily operated with one hand. Ease of operation increases the unit’s convenience and by extension its efficiency. The easier it is to operate, the safer it is. The safest baby gate should have a one hand opening feature that makes using it straightforward.

Does the gate have the double locking option? One of the most important features that all baby gates safety should have is a double locking feature. The gate loses its purpose when your child can open it themselves. If your baby gate lacks the double locking feature, it is not only dangerous for your child,

but doesn’t guarantee your pet’s safety too. In short, the ideal gate should have security features that can be easily operated by an adult, but problematic when it comes to the young one.

Can the gate close automatically? While it is important to lock the gate securely after passing through it, the ideal unit should lock itself automatically without having to push it. At times, you may be in a hurry, and if the unit is designed to close automatically, it only means it is safer to use. In addition, baby safety gates should have latch indicators that will alert you when the gate is safely locked in place. An alarm system would also be advantageous as it will notify you whenever the gate is not firmly closed.

Is the gate tall enough? The height of a baby gate is essential to its security. As a matter of fact, the height ultimately determines if the young one can climb over the gate or not. The ideal unit should have a height that not only keeps your child within a certain area, but also discourages small pets from jumping over.

Is the fit tight? Baby gates should have a tight fit that blocks openings totally. There should be not gaps left in between the wall, railing or door frame and the gate. Such openings will only encourage your child or pet to go through them which increases the risk of injuries. If your gate cannot fit the opening it was designated for, pay4d you may consider using an extension kit so that the unit fits as required. This is particularly important when you are blocking wider openings.



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