New Rules for News Releases

With the popularity of the Internet, it appears that many of the “old-school” marketing rules are evolving, and mostly for the better. One example of this is the way news releases colourful-zone (more commonly known as press releases) are sent, distributed, and read by consumers.

The most positive change for small businesses is that there are so many ways to distribute press releases on the web, it has leveled the playing field between small businesses and their larger competitors. In the past, press releases were expensive to distribute, and companies had to pay a wire service to send the release to various news outlets. Then, it was up to the media journalists to decide whether they would publish your company’s news or not. If the media didn’t write about your press release, then nobody saw it.

Today, press releases can be distributed via the web in any number of ways, themicroblogging including many low-cost or free methods available to anyone. Once it’s out there on the web, your press release can be viewed directly by anyone with an internet connection and access to search engines, RSS feeds, news sites, etc.

Also, us online journal you don’t need to wait for some big company milestone to write a press release; you can write about any type of interesting company news – such as a new customer win or a new product feature. Since press releases can be viewed by anyone, though, you need to make sure you are speaking the language of your target audience. Think about who your readers are, what motivates them, what problems your company can help solve, and how you can convince them to become your customer. All of these things will help you write effective press releases that potential customers will be interested in reading. Tech follow up

It’s important to note that traditional news wire services and other PR services are always a valuable part of any marketing program, especially if these types of services are in your budget. But for smaller businesses that cannot afford it, Tech tuba the web is a great way to get press releases out to the world without spending a lot of money.



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