The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion Pack Glitches and Bugs

The Sims 3 expansion pack called Ambitions has been released for over a month now but like the previous expansion and even the Sims 3 base game, it has its own set of glitches and bugs.

You can always attempt to read the official Sims 3 forum for further details on these glitches to find out if there are new ways to avoid them. Most of the glitches listed in this article have not been patched yet so the chances of you encountering them are pretty high.

Here are the known Ambitions glitches and bugs you may encounter while playing:

– Custom content and store items will not display

– If playing the new town Twinbrooks, kod na swobodne obracanie przedmiotów sims 4 you cannot read any books in the town library

– Sims get stuck in bed (this can be fixed by using the “moveobjects on” cheat)

– Your Sims will cook the same dish repeatedly

– Unable to change from active household to a new household

– Sims cannot take a painting class at the school

– Sims are not able to excavate and instead display an error as though they cannot walk to the excavation point

– Sims will suddenly show up with their skin black as though the skin file is missing and defaulting to a plain black image

– Sims turn invisible but still display the “Plumbob” (diamond above the head) but they are not able to interact with anything in game

– When playing as a firefighter, sometimes the bystander Sims that are outside of the home will continue to panic and scream even though all fires and Sims have been rescued

– After putting out a house fire as a fire fighter, the game will show that the fire is still active

Although there are some glitches and bugs to be smoothed out, the game is quite entertaining and much more interactive than previous Sims expansions. Just be sure to make backups of your saved games in case you come across a glitch that cannot be remedied by a restart.


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