How to Set Up a Profitable Online Marketing Funnel

Setting up a profitable online marketing funnel is not that difficult.

If you take a look at the industry’s top earners, and actually take apart their funnels (as in “funnel hack”) and investigate how the funnels are actually put together,simpeldecoratie  most people should be able to do this fairly easily.

The problem, then, lies not in the technical side of the building the marketing funnel, but rather the close attention to detail that is involved with writing the copy, and getting people to take action and thus get the sale.

So, in this discussion, Gratitude I will share the easiest way to set up a profitable marketing funnel. And to do so, you will notice how extremely simple this seems.

Well, that is on purpose. There really are no big tricks here.

However, there is one major problem. Most of you reading this do not have a high ticket back-end offer.

So before we jump into the easy steps of setting up the funnel, affiliate marketing funnels let me explain what “high ticket” means.

Most people that start marketing products, goods, or services online try to make a lot of money promoting eBooks, training courses, and other services where you only make a small commission.

Usually in the $20-$50 range.

However, if you want to have “profitable” funnel, Rug service Vegas especially with the rising cost of paid traffic, you need a high ticket back-end where you can make up to $1,000 up to $10,000 per sale.

That is high ticket.

How to Set Up a Profitable Online Marketing Funnel

Step 1: Create an opt-in page with your favorite funnel building software. There are many to choose from, but just pick one that you like to use jeeter juice carts

Step 2: Link your opt-in page to your autoresponder

Step 3: Write 5-7 engaging email responses with a good call-to-action. Most affiliate programs have swipe copy you can use as a framework to start with.

Step 4: Set up your thank you page to a free trial offer. This is really important. Let the customer get familiar with the program you’re promoting and make sure they can do so with absolutely zero risk.

Step 5: Once the trial offer is up, they can continue to take the training, and your high ticket backend with upsells kicks in.

Now before you ask, “But how do I set up the back-end?Test Bank Shop

The simple answer is that you do not have to. Most high ticket programs are already set up with a sales team to close the sales for you.

You simply set-up the front end with the above 5 steps and send the leads to your thank you page, which is your affiliate link from the program you’re promoting.

That’s it.

I know it seems simple, but I’ve seen way too many people complicate these things.

Now get going and take action. Most people never take the first step.

Nate Rio is an international speaker, reptilesuniverse online affiliate marketing expert, and business coach, teaching people how to make 5 and 6 figures per month online.


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