Scrapbooking Ideas and Solutions – Using Envelopes and Folders

In order to keep our newspaper cuttings, that first lost tooth or that special lock of hair in our scrapbook layout without the acid damaging our photos in the long run, ideasandmind we have to think about using envelopes or folders on the layout. Envelopes are also great for journaling and special messages you want to store that are private.

There are loads of commercially made templates to help you make great envelopes and similar items, or one can buy books of printed templates. There are also some great online internet sites that provide downloadable templates for tags, files, folders, cards, matchboxes and envelopes and what’s more, they are free. Try or, just to mention two of them.

When making an envelope from a template, you have a lot of options and things you could do. You could maybe make the envelope from the same paper as the layout, or use a contrasting color or texture. Vellum and wrapping or wall paper are great as well, just bear in mind that they may not be acid free. If using a patterned paper, ensure that the pattern runs the right way on the finished envelope. ideashackers

When you have traced and cut out your shape, use a ruler and an embossing tool or bone folder to score the fold lines for a neater fold. You can use various ways to fasten your envelopes. Some are just folded in, and some are secured with a flap, but others will require a stronger fastener. Buttons and Buttonholes can also be used or sealing wax for a permanent closure. There are beautiful fasteners that can be purchased at craft shops. Ribbons and miniature pegs also make attractive and decorative fasteners. Make your own fastener by cutting out two small card circles. Punch a hole in the middle of each circle and attach to the envelope with eyelets or mini brads. Then wind a string or fibre around the circles in a figure of eight to finish.



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