Planning Your Perfect Wedding – Introduce People in the Reception Line At Your Perfect Wedding

Having a reception is an old-fashioned idea. You know, not all things that come from the past are a bad idea. There were certain civil behaviors that made life easy. A reception line is one of those things.

If you line up your parents and your partner and invite your guests to move past you here’s what happens:

You get the opportunity to introduce beloved friends to your partner and your parents. There will be people at the wedding that you have talked about but your beloved and your family may never have had a chance to meet them. This makes sure that they meet everyone. They’re not going to get a long visit, but they’re going to get a great impression. 포커사이트

This will move even more smoothly if you do some preparation beforehand:


  • Notate your guest list: Jot down a sentence or two beside each name about why this person is an important guest. (N.B. if you’d done this when you were starting your guest list, it would have been a lot easier.) In addition to your connection, you might want to include home base, career, partner, and children.
  • Share this with your parents: Then in the reception line, they’re just matching names with stories, rather than trying to get a biography and fit people into your lives. Not only will this help them get a sense of who is going to be at your wedding and why, it will thrill them that their babies know so many interesting people.
  • Consider sharing it with your whole community: I was at a wedding once where the couple put out a booklet with two sentences about each person invited. People spent the reception running around trying to match people with stories. It made for a wonderful reception. And these days, it’s so easy to do. Just set up another spreadsheet on your computer and you’re ready to go!


What do you receive when you do good preparation for your reception line?


  1. An easy way to make the introductions: This way, you can just say, Mary, I want you to meet John and Hillary. I’ve told you so many wonderful stories about John who was my tent-mate at summer camp. You’ve already recalled what’s great about your friends and what will make a great connector when you introduce them.
  2. A sense of security for those who are “receiving”: Everyone in your reception line knows roughly what to expect and who to look for.
  3. A great feeling from your community: Everyone feels so warmly welcomed and seen. And of course you do know stories about the tent-mate, it’s just that you’re meeting 200 people. But with these kinds of clues, you look like a prince (or princess).



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