Special Warning on Buying a New Puppy

When you go to buy a cabbage, you go to a greengrocer. When you want shoes, well, you go to a shoe store. For books, a bookstore. And so on. The amazing thing is, buy puppy online you should be very wary of walking into a pet store and picking out a puppy like this. Animal welfare charities on both sides of the Atlantic have issued online advice against buying puppies by picking a nice looking one from a pet store because of the chance it has come from a ‘puppy mill.’

What is a ‘puppy mill’?

These have sprung up in the last half century or so, because of the amount of money they can make for those running them. A ‘puppy mill’ is a breeding facility which literally turns out puppies like a factory, without consideration for the puppies or parent dog’s welfare. The ‘mother’ dogs are mated to produce litter after litter, tobabet4d-slot without adequate recovery time between them. This is very bad for her health and the puppies’ health. The dogs aren’t given any attention, so they are sold unsocialised from just 8 weeks old to pet stores, or through adverts. Indiscriminate breeding practices leads to more genetic defects – puppy mill puppies are known to have higher rates and more incidence of sickness. This could mean a very sick puppy, who isn’t used to being handled by humans, or one who could need ongoing care over some years to come.

In the USA, the well-known animal welfare charity the ASPCA advises people not to buy from a pet store unless you can actually meet the dog’s mother. In the UK, although there are laws which should prevent puppy farming, the UK Kennel Club also issued cautions. They advised never to buy a dog from a pet shop as they are often supplied by ‘dealers’, who are agents for puppy mills. They also advise never to buy a dog from “the back of a van at a motorway service station or from an airport car park, such as Heathrow, as this is how many dealers operate”. Advertisers selling multiple breeds may also be ‘dealers’.

Rehoming a dog

In the current economic climate, the time has never been better to adopt a dog from a rescue centre. For the adopter and the dog, this certain benefits. Rescue dogs usually come fully vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped and with full veterinary checks. This can avoid costly vet fees, metrowater and some centres offer assistance to those adopting dogs with known health problems.

If you have a favourite breed, you can still adopt. There are some less well known charities that specialise in by breed alongside the general centres.

Breed enthusiast clubs also some times have details of even pedigree dogs that need a good home due to unforeseen circumstances.

People are sometimes wary that a ‘rescue dog’ will always come with behavioural problems. This simply isn’t always the case and good centres these days offer behavioural profiles of their animals and work with potential adoptees to find a dog that will perfectly suit their lifestyle. It’s worth bearing in mind that in reality. no pet shop, lumecreation reputable breeder or rescue centre can ever give a 100% guarantee of any dog’s temperament or behaviour.



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