Golf Property in Turkey – One Of The Best Golf Experiences in The World Today

Learn about the amazingly beautiful Golf Courses and Turkey Golf property in the world renowned Belek region of the Turkish Riviera.

Turkey has emerged as one of the most exhilarating places in the world for golf; especially the area-surrounding Belek which boasts some of the best golf courses in Europe.

Today Belek is the new face of Turkish tourism; it is a golf oasis set amidst the magnificent golden beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and mountain covered forests of the Turkish Riviera.

The actual Golf courses are set in breathtakingly picturesque locations with magnificent mountain backdrops and quintessential coastlines.

Turkey is now recognized internationally as an elite golfing centre where players from around the world can meet, with prestigious facilities and spectacular surroundings.

As mentioned above, the resort of Belek on the Turkish Mediterranean coast is where most of the courses and activities take place. turkish real estate

In 1984 the Belek region was proclaimed as “Belek Tourism Centre” because of the natural beauty
In later years, Belek has become what it is today, a paradise on earth, thanks to cooperation between the Belek Tourism Investors Association and the Tourism Ministry.

The first golf course opened in 1994, since then Belek has established itself on the international golf circuit with eight top class courses, and a further five are planned.

The architects, when planning the Belek golf Courses, catered for the expectations of all levels of player and have provided golfers with many challenging and enjoyable golf experiences.

All the golf courses in the region are simply stunning and make the most of the surrounding natural beauty. Most courses have tranquil green backdrops of pine and eucalyptus trees, magnificent snow capped Taurus Mountains and natural clear water lakes.

The Ministry of Tourism has recently announced the allocation of land for 5 new international golf clubs and hotels to be completed in two years time. Additionally, a Congress Tourism Complex & a Health Tourism Complex will be within the content of this announcement.

The Belek region currently has eight top quality golf courses and 33 four or five-stars hotels and first-class holiday villages.

Some of the attractions of Turkeys’ Belek Golf Mecca include;

– Excellent climate

– High standards of service

– Very good accommodation

– Low cost quality Turkey property for sale

– Good value for money

– Fantastic range of international golf courses

Other facilities include;

– Tennis courts

– indoor and outdoor swimming pools

– completely equipped health and fitness centres

– play areas

– bars

– restaurants

And much, much more

With a history that includes Marco Polo, St. Paul and the rulers from the Hellenistic, Roman and
Byzantine periods, Belek offers an interesting atmosphere for tourists and residents alike.

Those that would like a change from the golf (wife’s and partners for example) can explore the regions many unique treasures, like famous archaeological sites, museums, fascinating architecture and ancient cities, for example.

You will find caves and caverns, waterfalls, secluded beach coves and many other sites of natural beauty.

There is just so much to see and do in the Turkish Riviera that a few holidays just aren’t enough. The more you explore and soak up the vibrant cultures and atmospheres and beautiful golf courses the more you will want.

This is why many Europeans are investing in Turkey property, especially Golf property in Turkeys Belek region and other areas along the Turkish Riviera.
Not only does this allow them to spend more enjoyable time in Turkey in the comfort of there own home it is also actually a superb investment with property prices rising between 25% and 40% last year alone!

If you love Golf and would like an excellent return on investment then Turkey property is definitely worth your consideration. Set in a safe and beautiful area within easy reach of the UK and most other European countries Turkey Golf property along the Turkish Riviera is becoming increasingly popular.
Considering that you can purchase a quality new build property in Turkey for as little as £55K that offers excellent rental and capital growth potential, it’s easy to see the attraction.

Belek and the surrounding areas in Alanya (Turkish Riviera), like Side and Dalaman for example are seeing considerable investment form both the Turkish government and private organizations and companies.

A great example of an award winning UK and Turkey based property developer who are building a selection of top quality properties including many golf villas and apartments and even support local charities and sponsor the local football team are Nirvana International.



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