Prince Charmings Do Exist

Every little girl does want to grow up and marry her Prince Charming. At least most little girls do. We want the perfect guy with the perfect face and the perfect body and we hope he has the perfect personality to go with it. But most importantly, villanyt-szere Charming should treat his lady love with respect and passion.

Fairy tales don’t tell much about what happens after the two meet and marry, so we must assume they live happily ever after. After all, that’s how the story ends. But, it doesn’t end there and no one actually defines ‘happily ever after’.

So, what is happily ever after and does it exist? Well, yes and no. First, we should set our expectations of our marriage high, but what is too high? Too high is assuming there will be no trials and no troubles to encounter because this would be unrealistic. As long as there is an imperfect world with imperfect people, there will be imperfect lives and marriages. otthonszuletik

I remember falling head over heels in love with my husband the first time I saw him, but it wasn’t like that for him. It took him awhile. Our marriage hasn’t always been perfect because, I believe, we didn’t put everything we had into it. Of course, those first couple of years were idyllic because we had no children and we had no finances to worry about. We had the chance to concentrate on each other with no outside interferences. izomautok

Prince and Princess Charming eventually became Mr. and Mrs. Ho-Hum. Two children came along, a house payment, two careers, different friends, and outside interests pulled us apart but not so much you would notice. I would definitely have to blame myself for the gap. My Prince definitely kept his attentions on me while I concentrated on and put my children first. Our son had learning disabilities and our daughter demanded our attention and I felt I was responsible for all their needs. My career as a public schoolteacher also put high demands and stress on me which resulted in bouts of depression. kutyulva

Over the 26 years we have been married, I have had different people say to me at different times that they wished their husband looked at them the way my husband looks at me. They would tell me, “You can just see how much he loves you when he looks at you.” I am here to tell you that a wife will never get a greater compliment.

I could go on and tell you tricks of the trade for making a marriage work, but there isn’t any. I could pour out sex hints and old wives’ tales on how to make your man happy and content, but I don’t know any. pollenindex

Our secret ingredient to a fulfilling marriage has been our commitment and dedication to Jesus Christ and our Christian faith. I am quite sure if we had not had this foundation, our trials would have been much more difficult and perhaps, our marriage would not have endured.

There has not been a time in my life when I have loved and respected my husband more than I do at this particular time. I feel so honored that he chose me to be his wife. Maybe a great deal of my maturity in our marriage has been my maturity. I feel so fortunate to be married to a man who puts God first in his life and loves and provides well for his family. princefoundation

In 26 years, I have learned not to take my husband or my marriage for granted, but to cherish him and make sure he knows he is most precious to me. I hope that when others look at me, they are able to see how much in love I am with my husband and how deeply devoted I am to him. Blogline



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