Best Apps for Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab is considered as the best alternative to the Apple iPad tablet. It features a 7 inch display and is TFT type. It also has built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 1GHz Cortex ARM A8 processor. The processor is very capable and is also being used in the Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. Here are the best apps for the Tab to make the most out of it.

YouTube: High quality online videos from sites like YouTube look amazing on the Tab’s highly dense screen. We recommend not to use the YouTube official app and use the web browser to view the videos. We also suggest setting the video resolution to 720p if you are on a high speed data connection such as Wi-Fi or 3G.

Exchange for Touchdown: If you want exchange on your Android Tab, you must get this app from the marketplace. It allows you to sync Exchange contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and of course, email. Online chess calendar

Kindle App: You can download Amazon Kindle app from the Google Android marketplace. The application is free to download. After you sign up with Amazon, millions of electronic books are just a tap away, including several thousand free ebooks. The application allows you to read books in either landscape or portrait mode.

Angry Birds: The most popular iPad game is now available for the Android platform and it does runs like a charm on its WSVGA display that packs 1024 x 600 pixel resolution. Angry Birds is a physics based game and it requires use of logic, skill and force.

Spark Chess: This is a free chess game that looks great in landscape orientation. The graphics are very detailed and runs very smoothly on the ARM A8 hummingbird processor. Just make sure to install Adobe Air application first as the game utilizes its game libraries.

Skype: This is free VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) service that lets you make peer-to-peer calls from one computer to another. If you enroll yourself for their paid service, you can even make calls to mobile phones and landlines. If you are not in a mood to talk, you can use its text messaging feature to chat just like a normal chat client. Skype is available for free for the Galaxy Tab and is a great way to save money on long distance calls. The application also allows you to make calls and do text messaging over 3G.



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