Political Humor Games – Why We Vote Politicians In Then Laugh Them Out

Political humor games have always been popular but with the growth of broadband technology it has never been easier to poke fun at your elected officials than it is right now. Politics has always been a subject that can sometimes lead to very heated and sometimes divisive discussions but we can all agree that everyone enjoys a good laugh. Some political games are aimed more at the historians that like to test their whit with a bit of political trivia from time to time and those type of games are fun to play as well. I decided to share some of my favorite political games. No matter what party is in office it is just so much fun sharing jokes disguised as games at their expense.

The popular street fighter games have garnered legions of fans online and it is just so much fun to picture what it might be like to see some of our elected officials drop สล็อตออนไลน์ their well rehearsed speeches and decided to take it outside for a good old fashion slug fest. The popular free political humor game Presidential Street Fight is a game along these lines. You can play as either President Obama or his nemesis John McCain. This is a very funny game that is similar to the popular street fighter games many of us played when we were younger.

There are times when some current events in the news go viral and these stories can inspire some very popular games. One example of this was an outburst at a meeting where now former president George W. Bush had to dodge shoes being thrown at him by a member of the press. This story went viral quickly and inspired the games ” Shoe Dodge Bush ” and ” Shoe Shooter “. Political humor games can also come from hot topics of debate in the news like the recent corporate bailouts for some companies in the USA. The topic of bailouts spawned many political games such as Spank the banker, Bull Market Bailout and if your are really frustrated with the goings on happening on Wall street now then you might want to try Wall Street Massacre.

No matter what party you are in favor of or where you stand on popular topics of debate we can all certainly agree that political humor games are here to stay. These political games are great fun to play and share with your friends online who might not share some of your political views but can enjoy a good joke. Even in tough economic times like these we can all benefit from some jokes and games to lighten some of the challenging situations going on all over the world right now.



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