Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Do You Know What it Means and How it Affects Your Business?

I came across a business card of what appeared to be an impressive business. I thought I’d search for them online because that’s what I do. I do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When I entered their top keywords that made sense to use to find them, I immediately found their competitors instead!

How could that be? This is a reputable impressive company already earning a substantial income. I researched and learned that last month alone, this company had thousands of searches performed for their particular products and services! — And where do you think all those thousands of searches are going? Yes, to their smart competitors who are marketing their businesses online correctly! To tell you the truth, I see this happening a great deal with not only large businesses surprisingly, but with small local businesses as well.

Sometimes companies appear on page 9 or 10 of the search — whether it be in Google, Yahoo, Bing or any of the 50+ directories online. Well, not many people search to page 9. Do you?

Have you ever Googled your business or searched for it in any of the above or any of the other online directories? Why not try right now and see on what page your business resides and in which directory.

Not too savvy business owners sometimes say — Yes, I Googled my business and I’m right on the first page! I then ask them to please be more specific. I ask “what exactly did you type into the search engines”? Usually, they say they typed the name of their business. I try to keep from laughing and realize I must compose myself. Sure, if you type the name of your business — you may be on the first page; however, how many people know the name of your business? Online searches are made with “keywords” that the person wants. Such as, if potential promotional products customers are searching for promotional products in Pittsburgh, they will type “promotional products pittsburgh” and not the name of the promotional products’ company because they don’t know their name. If they did, they’d probably just Google their exact name to get their phone number.

Your website is the best asset you are going to have. It will meet more people than anyone in your company if you position it correctly online with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). pittsburgh seo company

The bottom line is, the Internet is not going to go away. There are 31 billion searches performed monthly! 94 million Americans use the Internet daily. 82% of people research online, then follow up with in-store visits, phone calls, emails and purchases. In the very near future, the yellow page book will be extinct! By the time you read this article, those numbers above will probably have risen.

Search Engine Optimization (a.k.a. Internet Marketing) is the fastest growing, most innovative form of marketing out there. You need a progressive, dynamic company to provide you with a competitive online marketing edge. Before choosing to work with a company, make sure of their credibility and length of time they have been in operation. SEO can entail Local Search, Social Media Marketing, Media Integration, Search Engine Ranking, Search Engine Placement, Pay Per Click, Web Design and the newest rage — Video Optimization! So, as you can see it is no easy task and needs to be done by professionals.



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